Organisational Chart

Position Name
The Warden Michael Westmacott
Deputy Warden Graeme Brown
The High Steward Bernard Ponting
Deputy High Steward Roy Wilcox
Capital Burgesses
Chairman Michael Westmacott
Steward Terry Soule
Treasurer David Ashford
Sergeants at Mace James Rivett & Kevin Pike
Clerk to the Court Sue Webb
Clerk to the Capital Burgesses Margaret Lamb
The Warden and Freeman Trustees
Chairman Michael Westmacott
Clerk Margaret Lamb
Assistant Burgesses and Landholders
Steward (Chairman) Philip Exton
Treasurer Ian Vizor
Deputy Treasurer Anthony Parker
Clerk Sarah Kemp
King’s Heath Trustees
High Steward (Chairman) Bernard Ponting
Steward to the Commoners Amanda Hollingworth
Treasurer Samuel Brown
Clerk Marie Coates
Archivist Elizabeth Snell
Assistant Archivist Barbara Pell

Please contact the Office Secretary to reach any of the above: Mrs Margaret Lamb, 1 Market Lane, Malmesbury, Wiltshire. SN16 9BQ. Or via the website.
Office Email:
Office opening hours: Thursdays 9 a.m – 11 a.m.

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