GDPR Policy


Warden and Freemen of Malmesbury needs to gather and use personal details about its members. This policy ensures that the Warden and Freemen of Malmesbury complies with the GDPR requirements in force from 25.5.2018.

The Capital Burgesses have responsibility for the protection of personal data but such data is only accessible to the Archivist and the Clerks and Treasurers to the respective levels in the organisation.

Personal data held is restricted to member’s names, addresses, contact details, gender, age/date of birth and where necessary length of time at current residence. Electronic data is only stored by the personnel listed above on password protected files. Paper data is only held by the Archivist, the Clerks and the Treasurers and is securely stored where only they have access.

All members are entitled to request details of their personal data held by the Warden and Freemen of Malmesbury and to receive information on how to gain access to it, and how to instruct its deletion if so desired.

No data is to be shared with any third parties except for the names of those holding Officer Posts, the Clerks, the Treasurers and members of the Cross Organisational Committee whose names may, with their permission, appear on our organisation’s website.

Data Retention Policy.
Data will be retained during the active membership of those concerned. After which the data will be archived and used as an historical record.

Data Processing Policy
Only the Clerks, Treasurers and the Archivist will process personal data for the purposes of membership. E mail addresses can also be used by Clerks, Treasurers and Archivists for issue of electronic copies of newsletters, meetings and event information.
Any notices published on the Warden and Freemen Website, Facebook and other social media will hold no personal data apart from the organisation’s contact address for replies.

Data Breaches Policy
Any breach of confidentiality as covered by the aforementioned policies shall be reported to the Office Manager and remedied within one month of reporting.