Policy for Making Small Grants

Background:  The organisation has a long history of giving grants and donations to charities/not for profit organisations through various mechanisms.

Scope and Purpose

This policy formalises the small grants, of up to £2,000, made by the Capital Burgesses by providing a policy framework on which future funding decisions will be based  and which can be used to inform applicants of funding criteria.

  1. Procedure (small grants up to £2,000)
    1. The Capital Burgesses will aim to donate £6,000 in small grants each year.
    2. The Capital Burgesses will make funding decisions three times a year at their meeting in January, May and September. Any unallocated funds will be rolled forward to the next meeting.
    3. All applications to be considered must be made using our standard application form and submitted to the office by Dec 1st (for January meeting) and April 1st (for May meeting) and 1st August for September meeting - using our standard application form.
    4. Applicants will be notified, in writing, of the funding decisions made within two weeks of the meeting.
    5. Payment will be made in line with the time frame indicated on the application process and where necessary on the provision of receipts.
    6. Recipients will be asked to acknowledge receipt of any grant in their publicity information – on any letters/event flyers/annual reports/web sites etc.
    7. Warden and Freemen will be free to publicise their grant decisions in any way deemed suitable to them.
    8. Information re application dates and processes will be displayed in the admin office window, on the website, through Court meetings and on local display boards.
  1. Criteria (small grants up to £2,000)
    1. Applicants must be charity or not for profit organisations/groups.  Such organisations must operate primarily within the town of Malmesbury.
    2. Secondary consideration will be given to funding county wide initiatives providing they can prove benefit and accessibility to Malmesbury residents.
    3. Grants request from individuals can only be considered if the individuals are members of Warden and Freemen who are raising funds through sponsorship events for the organisations described in criteria a or b.
    4. Grant requests must be for the use of the organisation applying and for a specific item of Capital expenditure or project.
    5. Warden and Freemen do not issue grants to national or international organisations/appeals.